Welcome to the website of the Leeming Area Community Bands

We have two bands – a Concert Band and a Big Band – and encourage members to play in ensembles where appropriate. Currently our Clarinet players periodically form ensembles for functions and part of concert performances.

Our Concert Band is consists of the full range of wind and percussion instruments and plays music from a variety of genre (classical, film/theatre, popular, marches and hyms/carols). Our Big Band is a smaller group of brass, saxophone and percussion instruments which plays jazz and swing music.

We are based, and rehearse, in Leeming but have performed in a variety of venues across the Metropolitan area and occasionally in the country.

You can find more information on our bands make up and music under about us

We rehearse 8-10pm on Thursday nights at the Leeming High School Performing Arts Centre adjacent to the Striker Indoor Sports And Fitness Centre just off Farrington Rd in Leeming (See our Interested? page). We break during the school holidays.

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Concert Band rehearsals start at 8pm and go to 10pm with a short break at 9pm. Big Band rehearsals are every second week and go from 7pm to 8pm (before Concert Band). Any prospective new members are welcome to turn up to have a blow (or hit) without any obligation!