Leeming Training Band

In 1996 the Leeming Concert Band (LCB) began as a training band with a small group of novice musicians learning the basics of their instruments and concert band playing.  Since then the LCB has developed and improved to the point where it is generally desirable for new players to be at about the level of AMEB Grade 4+ to easily cope with the level of music being played by the LCB. For this reason the LACB has initiated, and is running, two additional bands, the Leeming Training Band and the Leeming Intermediate Band which allow new musicians, lapsed/returning musicians, or those learning new instruments the opportunity to join and play in a concert band whilst developing their musical skills.  We draw on our experience and knowledge of adult community band development to help aspiring performers develop their skill and experience levels in a supportive group environment. The first Training Band progressed from the start of the cycle in October 2017 to competing in, and winning, the D grade of the State Band Competition in June 2019.

Players joining the LTB need not have any musical experience, but it is recommended that they obtain individual instruction in playing their chosen instrument outside of band rehearsals.

Our third training band cycle commenced on October 15, 2022 and has again met with tremendous success with over thirty new enrolments.  Adults (aged 18+) in the community who are keen to learn a new instrument, or pick-up their old instrument, are welcome to join in at any time.  If you are interested, then please let us know by contacting the LACB secretary, Sharyn Silverman, at contact@lacb.org.au.