Leeming Training Band

Musical Director: Steven Harmer

The Leeming Training Band (LTB) started on Saturday 14th October 2017 and  since then has been running weekly from 10am to 11am during the school term. It  is held at the normal LACB rehearsal venue – Leeming High School Performing Arts Center (click here for more details).

22 years ago the Leeming Concert Band (LCB) began as a training band with a small group of novice musicians learning the basics of their instruments and concert band playing.  Over the last 22 years the LCB has developed and improved to  the point where some developed playing skill is required to be able to join the LCB

The LTB gives new/nascent musicians, or those learning new instruments, the same opportunity that our original members had, that is joining a concert band to play in an ensemble whilst developing their musical skills.  We draw on our experience and knowledge of adult community band development to help aspiring performers develop their skill and experience levels in a supportive group environment. The LTB works on a 2 year training cycle and has progressed from the start of the cycle in 2017 to having competed in, and winning, the D grade of the State Band Competition in June 2019. A new training cycle will commence at the end of 2019 to allow beginners to start at the point the existing LTB members began in 2017. In order to give existing LTB members the opportunity of progressing their band playing in the LACB it is intended to start an Intermediate Concert Band (LIB) at the end of 2019 which will play music at difficulty levels between that of the LCB and LTB. We also offer opportunities for progression into our other ensembles if members wish to do so and can meet the musical requirements of the ensemble.

For more information on the Training Band and for registration information, please contact Bethwyn Macukat (LACB President) or Susan Nulsen (LACB Secretary) via email at contact@lacb.org.au or phoning 0447 869 717 (Tony Louden)